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The human development depends on various things and it is very important to keep connected the world to make yourself developed and improved. By the internet, it is very easy to know the latest information and collect data. Now a day, it is necessary to use social networking sites but you have no time to sit front of the computer. This is why the best and the last options for you are using Wi-Fi internet. Now Wi-Fi networking technology has been spread fast. You will get Wi-Fi in many places and from many places you can use the internet for free. You should follow this trend in your home and office for keeping you updated with the time.
Now you need to send some money if you want to get service of Wi-Fi. Home router price is not very expensive. By spending $30, you can order a router from the online store. There are many expensive routers available in the market if you need to buy any of that router, then you can order from any online store. Buy a router from popular for getting the best performance. You will get many brands router in the market and you must choose any one model what supports best.
After buying a router, you have to connect the device to a computer for setup the settings. This is very easy. In a router box, you will get all necessary data and information with proper instruction. You need to follow all instruction. When the connecting will be established with the computer via Ethernet cable or wirelessly, then you have to setup all settings and this is very important. If you do not do so, then you will find the router ready to work. You need to login to the access center of the router if you want to setup the settings.
You have turned the router or the networking device to know the default IP address, username, and password. Suppose, your router uses the IP as default and username/password is “admin”. You have to use all of those data for login to the router. You need a browser where you can use all of those things together. If your router uses different IP address than but that IP address is taken from the same IP address class C, then you can setup in the router. Later, you will know how to do a thing.
After typing the IP address on the browser address bar, you need to press Enter button. You can click on the Go button what comes with the browser. Now a form will popup. On that form, you need to use the username and password. You press the Enter button or click on the Login button. If you have typed correctly all things, then you can login to the access panel of the router. Now in the access panel, you need to set up the internet and other necessary things. You can do all of those things manually or with the wizard tool.
You can setup internet and general settings with the Wizard tool is faster than the manual settings. In maximum home routers and networking devices, you will get the Wizard tool which is very easy to use and setup internet quick. Under the wizard tool, you will get some more data to set and you need to setup Wi-Fi security what is the very important thing to do. When you have setup everything by manually or by the wizard tool, then you can use internet or Wi-Fi. But some settings are necessary for the Wi-Fi like security settings which you need to do manually.
Changing the default IP address is not always necessary and this is why you have to find out the default IP address from the router control. If the default IP address from the same IP addresses class, then you can change the IP address and setup in the router. You need to change the default IP address only for the IP address confliction error. Otherwise, you do not need to change the IP address. After changing the IP address, you should save it and make the IP address running what you have changed and setup. Make sure that you set up unique IP address in all devices for solving the IP address confliction problem.
The default IP address or the IP address what is used in the router is used for checking the connection with the router and computer. You need the IP address with the ping command. With a ping, you have to add the IP address and make the IP address running. You can use any ping command from “ping” or “ping -t”. If your router uses different IP address, then you have to use that IP address with the ping command. You can use “ipconfig” command to know the correct IP address what is running on your router.
Some users make another mistake. They type the IP address and setup word together on the browser address bar as “ setup” and press the Enter button for login to the router and setup setting. But this is a serious mistake and they receive an error from the browser. The IP address becomes false for using the word setup. You cannot use anything with the pure IP address and you have to use only three dots in the IP address. You have to use the IP address as
There are many cases the IP address may not work and the main cause is the IP address is blocked by the network or firewall. The antivirus may be a cause of blocked the IP address. You have to unblock the IP address from the firewall and check the network. In the network from computer control panel, you have to setup a different IP address and save it. Now you should try to use the default IP address again to login to the router. You should use update antivirus always for securing the computer.
There are various types of IP address problem occurs in a router and Wi-Fi. You should try to fix all of the problems by yourself following all of the methods. There are many ways to can test the router and computer. If the cables are loose, then the router can make a problem. You should fix all of the problems. You can check the connection between router and computer with the “ping command” and make sure that you have used correct IP address. This is why you should use “ipconfig” command. You need to reboot the router if you cannot fix the router problem. You can reset the router if the problem is still on the router. If the problem starts from the device and hardware issue, then you need to contact with vendor/manufacturer to solve the problem
Do not skip to read the router manual and all instructions. You can solve many problems. Many users do not read all papers what come with the device. You can visit any router related site to know more.